Friday, April 9, 2010

Meet the Wedding Party: Laura Pientka

Name: Laura Pientka

Status: Bridesmaid

How We Met: I don't remember how we specifically met (though it may have been on our Washington D.C. field trip in 8th grade) but Laura and I had a lot of mutual friends and classes together, particularly during our later years in high school. We also share a mutual love for the Minnesota Wild, so that has helped to solidify our friendship. :)

Favorite Memory: No particular memory comes to mind, but we have had lots of good times involving runs to Cup N Cone before doing some late-night swinging on the beach of White Bear Lake and talking about life, not to mention our ritual of meeting at Applebee's after 9 for half-price appetizers and some Leinie Honey Weiss!

From softball... prom... Florida... the State Fair (gotta love those pronto pups!)...

...Laura and I have been through it all together!