Friday, May 14, 2010

Meet the Wedding Party: Tyler Jay

Name: Tyler Jay

Status: Groomsman

How We Met: The summer that I met Shannon (summer 2007), we met one day when I went to Shannon's house to pick her up or drop her off.

Favorite Memory: Last summer, the three of us (Tyler, Shannon, and myself) were playing Catch Phrase. It was Shannon's turn to give the clues. Giving her clue, Shannon said (in her normal voice), "Some people say I have this when I talk." The correct answer was accent; Shannon has a Minnesoootain accent. However, before I could respond with the correct answer, Tyler said, "Lisp."

"No," Shannon replied. "If that was the answer, then I would have said, 'thome people thay I have thith when I talk.'" We all laughed for a very long time.

(Big) Chippewa Lake 2008
Notice how nice the weather looks and how comfortably we are dressed.

(Big) Chippewa Lake 2009
Notice how crappy the weather looks and how bundled up we are.

This was just last weekend. Everyone was there for Shannon's graduation from ISU.

My shirt is from my (previous) undergraduate university and Tyler's shirt is from his (future) undergraduate university. He is going to Kent State for musical theater.