Friday, January 15, 2010

How We Met

At the beginning of the summer of 2007, Shannon and Tyson both started out single. It would not end that way...

Shannon: I planned on spending Memorial Day weekend with my good friend Cathy Du, who I knew from college at Iowa State. She had an internship in my wonderful home state of Minnesota, and we were going to make a girl's weekend out of it.

Tyson: I also had an internship in the "wonderful" state of Minnesota. I was in Rochester (south of the Twin Cities) working for IBM. I also knew Cathy from Iowa State. Since we both had internships in Minnesota, she had given me an open invitation to come hang out with her. Before Memorial Day, I called her and asked her to hang out.

Shannon: Imagine my surprise when Cathy called to inform me that her friend "Tyson" would be hanging out with us over Memorial Day as well. So much for girl's weekend. All I could think was, "He better not be lame..."

Tyson: When I arrived at Cathy's apartment complex, she was grocery shopping with a friend. So to pass the time, I sat outside with my laptop and connected to someone's unsecured wireless network.

Shannon: Go figure that the first time that I ever saw Tyson, he was on a computer. Surprise, surprise. Anyway, introductions were made (I do remember that I talked to Tyson first) and we got dressed up to go out to dinner. I walked out into the living room after changing and saw Tyson give me the once-over.

Tyson: I noticed her...she looked good. As usual, I did not remember Shannon's name when I met her. At dinner, I continued to notice her and made a point to figure out and remember her name. Then, when she made a comment about not liking girls, I knew that we would be good together.

Shannon: We spent the rest of the evening at Cathy's watching movies and hanging out. Cathy later told me that she felt like the third wheel on a date. The next day we went to the Science Museum of Minnesota, where Tyson continually followed me around to each exhibit.

Tyson: When it came time to go our separate ways, I asked Shannon for her phone number.

Shannon: Which I did not give him. C'mon, he had to do SOME work. He was not going to get my phone number that easily.

Tyson: Which prompted me the next morning, to join Facebook, which was something I had been resisting. My first two friend requests went out to Shannon and Cathy, and my first Facebook friend was Shannon. Now that Shannon and I were Facebook-official friends, I extracted her phone number from her profile. That night I called Cathy to ask if I had left something at her apartment. The conversation shifted when I said, "So, Shannon's pretty cool, huh?"

Three weeks later, Tyson and Shannon were officially a couple.

The End...of the beginning.