Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Bride

Name: Shannon Marie Jay (soon to be Williams) a.k.a. "ShayJay Luv"

Favorite Color: Pink

Occupation: Super-Senior in Interior Design at Iowa State. Hopefully employed in Madison by the time it is May 2010.

Hobbies: Dancing, Rendering with Markers, Reading, playing the Sims 3

Favorite Cereal(s): Honeycomb

Late, Early, or On Time: On Time

Favorite TV show: Top Chef, The Rachel Zoe Project...pretty much anything on Bravo

Favorite Foods: Ice Cream, Chinese Food

Least Favorite Foods: Tomatoes, Celery

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Travel Interest: Europe...all of it

Favorite Sport: Hockey

Favorite State: Minnesota

Favorite Web Browser: Google Chrome

Favorite Operating System: not Ubuntu...Google Chrome OS is supposed to be out relatively soon, and hopefully that will become my favorite operating system

Favorite Season: Fall

Earliest Childhood Memory: Feeding some geese with my dad, Mark, by a pond, when I asked if it would be ok to touch one. He said sure, so I somehow managed to sneak up behind one and pet its back. Apparently geese do not like to be petted so much, because it started squawking and flapping its wings so much that it knocked me over...right on my little two-year old bottom! The last thing I remember from this event is my dad laughing at me...

The Groom

Name: Tyson David Williams, a.k.a. "Diddley"

Favorite Color: Blue (but not this blue)

Occupation: Graduate Student in Theoretical Computer Science (i.e. counting) at UW-Madison

Hobbies: Computers, Go, Water skiing

Favorite Cereal(s): Cocoa Krispies, Golden Grahams, Frosted Flakes, and Cheerios

Late, Early, or On Time: Early

Favorite TV show: Stargate SG-1 (although it is no longer on TV)

Favorite Foods: Bread, Cheese

Least Favorite Foods: Vegetables

Favorite Drink: Water

Travel Interest: the Holy Land

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite State: Iowa and Minnesota and Wisconsin (Shannon: Way to not pick sides, honey)

Favorite Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox

Favorite Operating System: Ubuntu

Favorite Season: Summer

Earliest Childhood Memory: Being in my room when I heard my brother Travis crying, so I went to my parents room and said, "Travis is crying." (Shannon: What a lame first memory. Mine is way better.)