Sunday, August 1, 2010

Meet the Wedding Party: Taylor

Name: Taylor

Status: Hostess/Helper

How We Met: Also a daughter of my cousin's wife...yet one more girl to join me amongst all those boy cousins!

Favorite Memory: After I asked her to be a part of the wedding, Taylor asked what she was going to be doing, and her eyes immediately lit up when I told her she was going to be my special helper: "I love helping! I am such a good helper! Helping is my favorite thing! I love helping!" And then she promptly sat down and began to make a list of everything that we needed to do to get ready for the wedding. Also, a few weeks ago she came to visit me in the dancewear store where I work. Anytime I needed anything she would be quick to point out that she had a pencil and paper in her purse and followed me around like a shadow to help me put shoes and other items away on the shelves. I think I made a good choice for a helper!

After I asked her to be a part of the wedding (right after she got so excited about being able to help).

Dinner after dress shopping...too cute!