Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet the Wedding Party: Kyle Halligan

Name: Kyle Halligan

Status: Usher

How We Met: Kyle and I went to the same elementary school, so we go way back. In elementary school, I had two groups of friends that we shall call "jocks" and "nerds". Kyle was in my "nerd" group of friends. Every year for my birthday party, I would invite both groups, which always made for an interesting time. Even though I labelled Kyle as a nerdy friend, we also played on the same soccer team some number of years. My mom has team photos somewhere.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory of Kyle is of a more general nature. Everyone knows that I like to argue and Kyle frequently argues the bitter end! Kyle also went to ISU. Many times Kyle, Aaron, and I would eat dinner together at ISU's Union Drive Marketplace dinning center. Sometimes, our whole conversation was taken up by an argument between me and Kyle. Most of the time, Aaron would play Swedish by remaining neutral through silence.

Tailgating before a football game.

Standing in line waiting to get into a football game.

At a football game. (That is me on the right.)

Kyle graduated from ISU in 2010 in Mechanical Engineering. He continues to reside in Ames and is employed as a transportation engineer for the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Here are some pics of us when we were just wee little chaps.