Monday, June 21, 2010

Meet the Wedding Party: Cathy Du

Name: Cathy Du

Status: Hostess

How We Met: Cathy and I lived in the same dorm (though on separate floors) our freshman year at ISU and were also involved in a couple of clubs together. Sophomore year we lived on the same floor (though we basically lived in each other's rooms) and we were then official roommates for three (yikes!) years.

Favorite Memory: A couple of summers ago (only the second time Tyson and I were ever actually together) he and I plus Cathy and her now-boyfriend Wilber were all hanging out together one night. Cathy and Wilber were in the back of the car when she started talking about how Minnesota is so much colder because it is SO much closer to the North Pole than Iowa, "Like, it would probably only take about 8 hours or so to drive there." Within five minutes of this revolutionary statement she proceeded to say (completely unrelated to anything else going on at the time), "Hey...shouldn't it be called un-planned parenthood?" My other favorite memory was when we decided it was a good idea during our sophomore year to watch all of the Grey's Anatomy episodes from seasons 1 and 2-a good 29 hours or so-in about the span of one week. We would stay up in my dorm room until at 2, 3, or even 4 in the morning because watching Grey's was so addicting. Good times. :)

ISU... summers in Minnesota (don't ask me to explain this picture)...

...and then back to ISU...

...and back to Minnesota (Cathy's newly adopted home-state) :) ...

...and back to ISU to cheer on those Cyclones!

I'm so glad I met this girl over 4 years ago (and especially glad that I have friends who were also on the 5-year plan! *High-five*)!