Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meet the Wedding Party: Aaron Walters

Name: Aaron Walters

Status: Usher

How We Met: Aaron and I met in 7th grade because we had the same home room. Home room assignments were based on last name, which is why I met Dan Yap the previous year. However, I did not meet Aaron in 6th grade because he was at Hayworth that year. Our home room was awesome, literally the best. It was the mod tech room, which was air conditioned.

Favorite Memory: Aaron and I stuck together after high school because we both went to ISU. In our first semester, we both started out as engineers. It was pretty obvious that Aaron was not enjoying the engineering track. In the second semester, engineers take Physics I. Here is (the essence) of a question that we had in one of our exams:

You are on top of the ISU Campanile at a height of 80 m. You throw a ball weighing 5 kg directly parallel to the ground at a velocity of 20 m/sec. If you ignore the friction from the air and assume that the acceleration of Earth's gravity is 10 m/sec2, how far from the base of the Campanile will the ball be when it hits the ground?
When I read this question, I thought...
  1. The mass of the ball does not matter.
  2. Because we are ignoring the friction caused by the air, the horizontal velocity will stay constant at 20 m/sec.
  3. Again ignoring friction from the air, the vertical distance d = 80 m, initial vertical velocity vi = 0 m/s, and constant vertical acceleration a = 10 m/s2 obey the equation d = vi * t + 1/2 * a * t2.
  4. Solving for t, we know that the ball hits the ground after 4 seconds.
  5. In 4 seconds, the ball will travel 20 m/sec * 4 sec = 80 m from the base of the Campanile.
However, Aaron thought,
"The Campanile is not 80 meters tall!"
Needless to say, Aaron switched that semester from the college of engineering to the college of business.

We are dancing in a friend's dorm room. If I remember correctly, this is our sophomore year and we are dancing to "Swingville Sashay" from

I think I like Aaron more than he likes me.

I spy with my little eye Aaron and Tyson.

There we are...on the jumbotron!!

Aaron graduated from ISU in May where he majored in accounting and finance. He just accepted a job at IBM Rochester.