Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meet the Wedding Party: Travis Williams

Name: Travis Arthur Williams

Status: Best Man

How We Met: Since Travis is my younger brother, we met at his birth.

Favorite Memory: How can I have a favorite memory of my brother that I have known for 22 years? I can't, but here is one that is pretty good. One day a preschool, we were served the provided lunch, but no one knew what the food was. I was not sure, but after thinking about it for a minute, I announced to the kids that it was pizza. I mean, it tasted like pizza and kind of looked like pizza. That should be enough, right? As soon as Travis "knew" that it was pizza, he started eating it and saying how good it tasted. A teacher heard all the excitement, so she came over to see what was up. Somehow, she figured out that we thought that we were eating pizza, so she corrected us by informing us that we were eating lasagna. My thought was, "Cool, I like lasagna," but my brother's reaction was, "Yuck, I hate lasagna" and stopped eating it. Even years later, our cousins would give him crap about this.

What a worthless baby. He can't even roll himself over.

Why the weird look on your face? Did you eat some sand??

This picture is obviously Photoshoped because I don't wear jeans. I wonder if I hit Travis in the face?...Mom, why would you have professional pictures taken with a wound like that?

Sending my brother off to college. (If you are like me, then you are wondering what is in his hands. It's hangers.) He went to the University of Iowa (as hinted by his hat) and is currently in his fourth year there in the athletic training program.