Monday, March 30, 2009

Roommate Assistance

To expand on the previous post, Shannon's roommate Crystal Heuberger helped me out a little bit in general, but helped out a great deal in surprising Shannon.

I am not so good at keeping secrets. I accidentally told Shannon that after I finish proposing to her, she would be able to see her mother in person instead of having to call her. This implied that I was going to propose in Minnesota, which, while not totally unforeseen, did provide her with a hint of my plans. To compensate for my slip up, Crystal went ring shopping with Shannon two days before spring break. (I had verbally purchased the ring a week ago and later proposed during spring break.)

I told Crystal (in front of Shannon) that I would not have time before spring break for her and I to return to the jewelry store with her and review what she and Shannon discussed. Shannon later told me that she was 100% confident that I did not have a ring with me during spring break. Thank you Crystal!